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About ABCAR Trailers

EITHER ---Click on one of the pictures above and it will take you to a collection of photos of similar trailers, then e-mail us to discuss the type of trailer you require.

OR ---------Choose one of the online special trailers shown below. The trailers shown below are available on the internet only. They are not on display at any showroom or trailer sales yard. This saves considerable costs which we pass on to you in lower prices and extra features. If you check carefully, you will find that similar trailers at trailer retailers in Brisbane, cost more and have fewer features.

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The Abcar 600 is a very economical trailer designed specifically for the pensioner. It is light and easy to handle but can carry more than enough for most home use. It features side tie rails and quick release coupling to make it a pleasure to use. An added feature not normally on trailers of this low cost is protection for the tail lights.

SIZE: 6' x 4' (1800 x 1200 x 310)

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ABCAR 780 A trailer to suit the home owner.
This trailer is designed for the home handyman. With its ribbed sides, heavier suspension and full width light channel for extra strength, combined with side tie rails, spare wheel carrier, quick release coupling and easy to use lynch pins on the tailgate, it is convienient to use and can carry more than you can legally carry on a 6x4 trailer in Qld.

Rated at 780kg.
Register it at 750kg.

SIZE: 6' x 4' (1800 x 1200 x 310)
PRICE: $999


ABCAR 1100
An extra heavy duty trailer for the home owner who is likely to carry a load of sand or top soil.
Includes tie rails all round.
Checker plate floor.
Larger drawbar.
Rated at 1100kg.
Register it at 750kg.

6' x 4'
(1800 x 1200 x 310) - $ 1199
7' x 4' (2100 x 1200 x 310) - $ 1299
7' x 5' (2100 x 1500 x 310) - $ 1399
8' x 5' (2400 x 1500 x 310) - $ 1549


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ABCAR 1200
An extra heavy duty trailer designed to be as indestructable as possible without being too heavy.
This is the trailer you need if you intend to lend it to mates or staff.
Rated at 1200kg.
Register it at 750kg.

6' x 4'
(1800 x 1200 x 310) - $ 1399
7' x 4' (2100 x 1200 x 310) - $ 1499
7' x 5' (2100 x 1500 x 310) - $ 1649

8' x 5' (2400 x 1500 x 310) - $ 1699



Pair new 14" light truck tyres in lieu of second-hand tyres - $ 180
Second-hand spare wheel with second-hand tyre - $ 47
Second-hand spare wheel with new light truck tyre - $ 139


These 4 models are specials for internet users and are available only if ordered and paid through this website. Prices are ex factory at Brendale, Brisbane and you must collect the trailer from the factory or arrange a transport company to collect the trailer from the factory.
All trailers have second-hand wheels and tyres with new tyre options available..
Registration is $110 extra and can be arranged if you bring your current Qld drivers licence with you when you collect your trailer.
You will be notified when your trailer is ready (usually within 10 working days) and given the address of the factory and the release number for your trailer.
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